Chia Bowl Challenge!!


MARCH 7-16TH, 2016

Get ready to feel lighter, more energized and totally pumped that you are doing something healthy for your body! Join me for a 10 Day Chia Bowl Challenge where everyday we will replace one not-so-healthy meal or snack with a delicious and nutritious chia bowl! If you’ve never heard of a chia bowl before, then click the title to check out the article, Can chia seeds really do that? Once you join the challenge, you will receive recipes and tips as well as information and encouragement as you start a new healthy habit, which let’s face it, can be challenging at times. Besides the obvious benefits of eating healthier, there will also be a special prize for one lucky participant who posts pics and comments daily to either the Facebook/ Instagram page or in the comments (and pics via email) here on this page.

Now that you are ready to give it a go. This will be as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. ONE DECISION TO MAKE- JOIN! That was easy!
  2. TWO WAYS TO SIGN UP. You can join the mailing list in one of two ways: a.) fill out the Chia Bowl Challenge pop-up that you should have seen when you visited the site, or b.) click HERE to fill out the form, making sure to CHECK THE CHIA BOWL CHALLENGE BOX along with any other boxes that interest you. With either method you will need to respond to an email that will be sent to confirm your enrollment. ***Please make sure to complete this second step, you will not be officially enrolled in the challenge and will not be eligible to win unless you do.***
  3. THREE WAYS TO SUBMIT PHOTOS.  To join the challenge you must email/post a pic of the food item that you want to replace with the chia bowl. If you are on social media, you can post pics on the Facebook fan page Chia Bowl Challenge post that is pinned to the top of the page with #ChiaBowlChallenge or tag me on Instagram @angelabillups_livity coach. If you are not on social media, simply email pics to and/or make comments on the Can chia seeds really do that? post on this blog. The winner of the challenge will be chosen from one of the rock stars who post pics and updates daily.

This is a FREE challenge where you will be supported, encouraged, informed AND have fun! What I do ask in return is that you let people know what you are learning and that I am able to brag about your success in future promotions. Painless, right?

That’s it!! Once I have received both requirements, over the next week, I will email you some information to get you set up for success for the start of the challenge. Make sure to tell your family, friends and co-workers about the challenge. In the immortal words of The Beatles, change is always easier when we get by with a little help from our friends!

THRIVE in Livity!