Infused Water Under the Bridge

Did you know that there are some people who don’t like the…taste(?)…of water?

True story. I hear it quite often, actually. “I know that I should drink more water, but I just don’t like the taste.”

Lack of taste may be a more accurate descriptor, but tomato, to-mah-to. As a health coach, I’m happy that they even recognize the need to increase the hydration factor! After all, knowing is half the battle. Especially now, during the summer months, staying well hydrated is more of a challenge than usual due to increased temps outside, increased air circulation inside and of course, the increase in social events that come with their own dehydration temptations, like alcohol. The benefits of staying hydrated are many and include things such as:

  • maintaining skin integrity
  • mental clarity
  • lipolysis (fat burning)
  • regular bowel habits
  • metabolic functioning
  • maintaining kidney and urinary tract health

You get the picture.

Now, there are several alternatives to plain ‘ol water available, but let’s just agree that water that is full of artificial ingredients like coloring agents, flavoring and sweeteners, is not the best option for our lovely God pods. So what’s a body to do?

Reader, meet Infused Water. Infused Water, meet Reader.

Not only are these puppies pretty to look at, but they are also refreshing, delicious and come with their own set of water-soluble vitamins! #WINNING! They also give me another purpose for fruit or fruit parts that may not otherwise get eaten (think watermelon close to the rind or mangos that are a little too soft).

Check out this video for how to make water infusions and some cool flavor combinations. If you’ve got any of your own that you LOVE, share them in the comments.



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